Please read these terms and conditions before placing an order. Nextfur withholds the rights to change these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.


The Nextfur Dropshipping service only deals with customers that have a drop shipper account registered on Any account opened for purchasing items for personal use will be cancelled immediately.


When registering for a Nextfur Dropshipping account, please contact Nextfur reserves the right to cancel any account that was approved in error. For any misuse of accounts, Nextfur is entitled at any time for reasons of its own to suspend the use of an account.


In this document, "drop shipper" refers to customers who have registered and have an approved Dropshipping account with Nextfur Dropshipping services. "Customers" refers to the end-customer of the drop shipper. Once an application has been lodged and the drop shipper has provided the relevant information needed, Nextfur will decide whether or not to approve an account within 7 days.


  1. Terms of Contract


1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all items supplied by Nextfur within the context of the Nextfur Dropshipping service. All orders placed on items advertised on the Nextfur website are considered an offer to the drop shipper to purchase the items selected for an order. No contract exists between Nextfur and the drop shipper until Nextfur has received and accepted the order. When orders are placed the drop shipper will receive an email confirming this. This notification is not a confirmation that the order has been accepted by Nextfur but only a confirmation that an order has been placed.


1.2 Nextfur reserves the right to cancel the contract of sale if the payment for orders is not received in full before the actual shipping date.


  1. Description and Price of Goods


2.1 Nextfur has taken care to describe and take images as accurately as possible in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. Despite this, variations amongst items may occur. If there is anything the drop shipper does not understand about the information provided on the website, please email us at


2.2 All prices shown on the website are in local currency, every effort is made to ensure the prices shown on the website are accurate at the time of placing an order. If an item has been underpriced in error, Nextfur will contact the drop shipper and offer the following three options:

  •  Placement of a new order at the correct price of the items;
  •  Cancellation of the whole order;
  •  Cancellation of the order for the mispriced items and reconfirmation of the order for the correctly priced items.


2.3 If the drop shipper does not respond within 48 hours, the order will be automatically cancelled. Any payment received from the drop shipper will be credited back to the original payment method that the drop shipper used. If within 2 working days of accepting the order, Nextfur discovers that some of the items are unavailable, Nextfur will email the drop shipper to request if the drop shipper would like an alternative item or refund. If a refund is chosen, it will be processed within 7 business days.


2.4 Under no circumstances can back-orders for items be accepted. Due to the large scale of operations involved in the continuity of stock supply, Nextfur cannot guarantee all items will be available to order constantly. It is the responsibility of the drop shipper to monitor the Nextfur website and data feeds and update their stock levels accordingly through the link Nextfur will provide to the drop shipper. The product link will update automatically every day. Please always download the link when you need to update information and double-check the stock information. If you want to place a large order, contact customer service at to see if there is a bulk price available.


2.5 Nextfur Drop shipping services cannot be held accountable for any potential loss of earnings through drop shippers continuing to advertise out of stock and discontinued items.


2.6 The drop shipper is allowed to set their own prices on items through the medium in which the drop shipper sells.


2.7 Nextfur reserves the right to change the prices of items on the website at any time of day. It is the responsibility of the drop shipper to monitor the Nextfur website and data feeds and update prices accordingly through the link in which the drop shipper sells.


  1. Placing an order


3.1 When a drop shipper places an order with Nextfur, the drop shipper confirms to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions laid out in writing in this document.


3.2 In the event of items shipped to an address other than the drop shipper, Nextfur has no contract between the receiver of these goods (the customer) and Nextfur. In this case, Nextfur cannot mediate any aspect of the sale between the drop shipper and the customer of the items shipped.


3.3 It is the drop shipper’s responsibility to make sure that any legal issue which may arise between the drop shipper and the customer is applicable to an own set of terms & conditions used by the drop shipper when selling items using the Nextfur drop shipping service. Nextfur will not accept any responsibility for legal issues which may arise as a result of the absence of any terms & conditions or any other legal document required by law or otherwise between drop shipper and customer.


  1. Payment


4.1 Payments for orders can be made via Credit Cards and PayPal. It is required that orders are paid in full before Nextfur dispatches them. If payment for the order fails, the order will be cancelled within 3 working days unless the drop shipper contacts Nextfur to specify otherwise.


  1. Order Cancellations/Changes


5.1 Once an order has been paid or dispatched, the cancellation can only be allowed by contacting our customer service email at


  1. Drop Shipping Fee and Discount


6.1 For all drop shipping orders, there will be no additional fees involved. All the handling costs are built into the item prices that the drop shipper will see when logged into your dropshipping account.


  1. Shipping


7.1 Items normally will be processed on the same day and shipped out on the second day from Monday to Friday and any orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped out together on the next Monday. All shipments will be processed after receiving full payment unless a specific agreement has been set up. Shipment tracking number and notification will be sent to the drop shipper once items are dispatched. Nextfur cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery caused by freight companies or intermediaries used.


7.2 The customer is responsible for the order once the package arrives at the supplied delivery address. Nextfur cannot be held responsible if the package goes missing once delivered. If any items are received damaged, the customer must notify the drop shipper within 48 hours of receiving them. Nextfur must then be notified within 72 hours after the expected delivery time. If any items are received faulty the drop shipper must notify Nextfur within 14 days of receiving them. Please see the returns procedure in section 8 for more details.


7.3 Nextfur cannot be held responsible for items that do not arrive at the customer due to errors made by the customer or by the drop shipper when entering the address details. The drop shipper needs to ensure to check all order details before confirming an order. Also, note that the address must be accessible to courier drivers and if no shipping instructions are left the drop shipper needs to ensure that there is someone to receive the package. Nextfur advises dropping shippers to use their own terms and conditions to ensure the customer is able to receive packages.


7.4 If packages are sent back to Nextfur, Nextfur will refund the drop shipper the item costs excluding the shipping charges incurred if charged. Please also note that deliveries made to business addresses or at a place of work are considered received once they arrive at the address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the item is safely received.


  1. Returns Procedure


8.1 A customer can review any item for 90 days starting from the moment the items are delivered at the address as stated in the order details. If the customer decides to return the item(s) the following rules apply:

  • The customer is obliged to return any received item(s) within 90 days after the day of delivery to a return address provided by the drop shipper.
  •  When receiving the items from the customer, the drop shipper returns these item(s) within 90 days after receiving them from the customer directly to Nextfurand applies for a refund via Nextfurdrop shipping services. A refund will be credited back to the account within 7 days after Nextfur receives the refunded item(s) and confirms the items are in good condition and not damaged. The drop shipper is responsible for the correct packaging of the items or any legal issue which may arise between the drop shipper and the customer as a result of (incorrectly) returning (damaged) items.


8.2 If the drop-shipper is unable to comply with 8.1.B, the drop shipper may ask Nextfur to facilitate the return directly with the customer. Nextfur will do this upon request of the drop shipper and on the same conditions that Nextfur provides to the customers on its local website ( Any costs that would be charged to Nextfur customers on its local websites will also be charged to the drop shipper. The drop shipper will provide Nextfur with both phone and email of the customer. Nextfur will use this information solely for the purpose of performing the requested return.


8.3 If the drop shipper has an unusual and inexplicable high percentage of returns compared to average return rates within Nextfur, Nextfur reserves the right to deny further return services to the drop shipper or exclude the drop shipper from its drop shipment platform.


8.4 In the event of any items received are damaged or incorrect items received the following rules apply:

  • The customer is obliged to bring (photographic) evidence. These photographs need to be (digitally) date marked and sent to either an e-mail address provided by the drop shipper or directly to local customer service emails citing the name, email address and order number. Upon inspection, Nextfur will decide upon one of three options:
  • The damage warrants a discount;
  • The damage warrants a refund;


III. A new item will be sent out.

  • Refunds are applicable for the items only and do not include the price paid for shipping.
  • Nextfurreserves the right to deviate from the above if applicable to an individual case.


8.5 Nextfur advises the drop shipper to use their own terms and conditions stating the above. Nextfur cannot be held responsible by the drop shipper (or customer) if the customer or drop shipper does not return an item according to the return policy of Nextfur as stated in this article.


8.6 The drop shipper is required to provide customers with (correct) contact info in case of questions about items or orders. Nextfur customer care will divert any questions from customers back to the drop shipper. If Nextfur notices the drop shipper did not supply the (correct) contact info to customers, the drop-shipper is required to provide this information to their customers within 3 days, if the drop shipper fails to provide this information, Nextfur reserves the right to (temporary) suspend an account in accordance with article 10 of these terms and conditions.


  1. Limitation of Liability and Guarantee Policy


9.1 Nextfur will not be liable to drop shipper for any loss or damage in circumstances where:

  • There is no breach of a legal duty owed to the drop shipper by Nextfuror by its employees or agents;
  • Such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach;
  • Any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by drop shipper of any item of this contract.


  1. Account


10.1 Nextfur reserves the right to (temporary) suspend an account and block out payment to the drop shipper in the following cases:

  • If the drop shipper violates these terms & conditions in any way;
  • If the drop-shipper is under suspicion of fraud, including but not limited to: selling non-genuine products, intentional failure to deliver, order diverting, etc.
  • Nextfurreserves the right to terminate any account and to prevent the use of the dropshipping services if the account is used to engage in illegal activity or if it violates this term of conditions in any way.


  1. Data Protection


11.1 Nextfur will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the details of orders and payments are kept secure. Unless Nextfur is negligent Nextfur will not be liable for unauthorized access to the information supplied by the drop shipper.


11.2 Nextfur will not supply privacy information to any third party.


  1. Marketing Material


12.1 If drop shippers would like to sell on Amazon, please do not follow other sellers' listings in case of listing infringement cases reported by other sellers. It would be a wise choice to create your own listings based on Nextfur will not take any responsibility for the listing of infringement cases under any circumstances.


  1. General


13.1 All items are subject to stock availability at the time of ordering. If the drop shipper can’t find a particular item on the website, it has gone out of stock or the item has been discontinued. If the drop shipper has any further queries on the stock availability, feel free to mail Nextfur at While every effort will be made to ensure that all items shown are in stock Nextfur offers no guarantee of the availability of the items.


  1. Quality of Service


14.1 The drop shipper is required to offer a level of service to his customers similar to or higher than Nextfur offers to its own customers. In the event damage has been done to the reputation of Nextfur because the drop shippers fail to offer the required quality of service, Nextfur reserves the right of rectifying the damage by compensating the customer. The cost associated with this compensation will be charged to the drop shipper. Nextfur reserves the right to compensate these costs with the amount due to the drop shipper.


These Terms, in conjunction with any other policies posted by Nextfur on the Website, constitute the entire agreement between you and Nextfur and govern your access to and use of the Website. These Terms supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements or any other communications, oral or written, between you and Nextfur.